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Oct ,18 2022
The leather of this bag is just WOW! It has the typical, nice leather smell, no fufu at all. It is very soft to the touch, and the grainy structure looks super beautiful. I have thoroughly inspected the bag and in my opinion, the stitching is perfect. There are no missed stitches, and every stitch is even and located just where it is supposed to be. The golden hardware is beautiful and seems to be high quality. The lock is turning just like my auth and the zipper is running smoothly. This bag is really, really well made! I already sent the pictures to two bagloving friends of mine and they were shocked how good the quality is. - Linda
Oct ,04 2022
The bag is solidly made. There are no loose stitches. The hardware has good weight, and the engravings are clear. The leather feels soft and slick as it’s supposed to be oil waxed leather…. not sure what that means. The drawstring chain runs smooth. I love that there is a thicker link underneath the flap to keep the top handle in place. The straps are adjustable and have five holes. I use the second from top hole as I am petite (just over 5 feet) and the bag sits at a comfortable position for me. I love the bag and think she is so gorgeous. I am totally satisfied with this purchase. It’s everything I expected it to be. - Cat
Oct ,04 2022
Overall quality is great. The bag itself is sturdy and durable. Leather is true black and shiny. No chain issues, no loose stitches and fufu smell. Very well made bag - Jessy
Sep ,27 2022
Overall a very sturdy bag, that is able to stand up straight without leaning for- or backward, It has substantial weight for its size, especially the chain. No signs of the fufu; it has a very faint leather smell. Caviar leather looks plump and shiny. Graining of the leather looks even. Stitching is neat, there is not a single loose thread or popped stitch. Hardware looks gorgeous, no signs of tarnishing. After seeing auths back in summer, I was definitely WOWed by the quality of this bag. It is on par with auth. In fact, I actually think it‘s even better. I personally don’t see the mini-air pocket inside as a qualitative deficit. It is actually also present in auth bags from time to time. All in all, I am positively surprised. The craftsmanship of this bag is basically impeccable. We will see how long it will hold up eventually! - Alina
Sep ,05 2022
The bag feels luxurious. The construction looks great when I compare to auths on the internet. The leather has a nice texture and smell. No chemical smells at all. it's a beautiful color that matches a wide range of outfits and occasions. Shape looks good, consistent with pics of auth and measurements are on spot. Leather looks just like in auth pictures. - catherine
Aug ,26 2022
Really good quality! It's been a hot minute since I've walked into a Chanel boutique and felt up a boy but this is a very well constructed bag (and it should be considering how much I paid for it). Leather is very soft with a faint leather smell out of the box but I still put on a coat of cadillac leather conditioner and it feels more luxurious after a coat. - hailey
Aug ,22 2022
Super professional seller! It really was a great find, they have this nice website and reply so fast, the seller is also very knowledgable of all the various colors, leathers and Hermes bags in general which I really loved.. I am now planning to get a Kelly bag, but still deciding on the colors and the seller has sent me so many interesting options.. - Tracy
Aug ,20 2022
The bag is well-made of nice leather, the stitching is tidy and precise. The canvas lined interior is very well done. I love classic bags, particularly top handle bags, and this one is right up my alley. Neither of the accuracy issues or the small flaws will lessen my enjoyment of it. - Pamela
Doll Doll
Aug ,19 2022
I've been wanting this Chanel for YEARS. I'm so happy with my purchase, I'm obsessed with this bag. The quality and the functionality of it are amazing. I couldn't be happier. I will warn though, I wore this a few times with jeans and there is minor colour transfer on the back of the bag. So just be careful! I should have sprayed it before hand but luckily I noticed it in time before it got worse. Love it overall! - Doll Doll
Aug ,18 2022
hank you so much for being patient with me and all of my questions and inquiries! She has definitely been so accommodating and friendly to me! Kudos to her for being responsive! The bag is definitely good enough for its price and quality! I love it and my Mom loves it too! She can't wait to use it on her vacay next week hahaha! and as what I've always said from my previous reviews, Wear with confidence! As long as you also have a good outfit to compliment the bag and you feel confident, go enjoy it! - Victoria