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Jennie Moay
Jan ,23 2023
After comparing many website, I finally choose this website to buy. The reviews here are very real, so I decided to buy it for a try. The seller is very honest, and he didn’t brag. The delivery was very fast and FEDEX arrived within few days. I was really surprised, it totally same as the bag I spent more than 10k usd. I will try my best to move on and the next Chanel boy bag will coming. thanks - Jennie Moay
Jan ,14 2023
This Chanel 22bag really gave me a big surprise. Both the workmanship and the texture are very good. After comparing it with the one my best friend bought last year, neither of us can tell! ! ! must like one!! - Isabella
Jan ,03 2023
High satisfaction, the quality is the same as the one bought in a CHANEL store, it is invincible and very good value, recommended to buy, I will look for this one in the future, the leather is super good and the details are invincible and very good value. - Bella
Dec ,25 2022
I'm going to be honest, the quality of this bag went beyond our expectations. I wouldn't say it was a cheap purchase considering its price. Everything seemed almost perfect! My First impression on these was really good and it stayed that way after the overall checking. My sis used this more than her other bags because it looks really great! Although it is not a mens bag but I really admire how well these are made so well. But if you're a male wanting these bags we don't judge and wear bags that you love! Don't mind others :) As what I've said last time, always wear it with confidence and with great styling! Thanks again! - Patricia
Claudia PS
Dec ,16 2022
Dec ,01 2022
Leather is really soft and buttery. I have gone to the Chanel store twice to check out the C19s and this leather feels just as soft and "thick" and plushy as the authentic. It has the same sheen as the authentic ones in store and zooming in on this leather (and the pic of the authentic I took at the store) shows the same type of "grain". - Catherine
Nov ,21 2022
From the moment I opened the outer box, I knew this bag was going to be different than any other bag I'd purchased in the past. I've been purchasing bag for over 10 years and this packaging was spot on. I'm sure many of us are familiar with dented boxes, crushed corners, etc. Not this one. The Chanel box was shipped inside a very sturdy outer box and on every corner there were hard plastic protectors. I was frankly shocked, in a good way. The Chanel box was pristine, with the correct tissue paper, camelia, ribbon, care booklet, polishing cloth, bag, etc. The scent of leather that came when I opened the box was amazing. No fufu smell here. I own 2 authentic lambskin bags from Chanel (1 vintage and 1 brand new) and this lambskin is just as smooth and supple. There are no loose stiches. I am extremely satisfied with this purchase, I would highly recommend this bag . - Eleine
Nov ,15 2022
Oh god this bag is gorgeous and it's so well made. I have no complains whatsoever on the quality of it. It was my very first bag, and I was so shocked how nice it was. The structure feels sturdy, hardware is weighty but not too heavy. The color is light blue but the camera doesn't pick up the color very well. - Charles
Nov ,09 2022
There is nothing that I can really complain about, the leather is quite thick and feels luxurious. The stitching is neat and tidy, they have aligned everything properly (including the lining of the pouch!!) and the hardware feels sturdy and has all logos nicely stamped or engraved. - AMY
 frau mone
Oct ,27 2022
I love this bag (having owned it for about an hour now, ha). It is bigger than the small Marmont I normally carry in the perfect way so that my Gentle Monster replica I just got will fit nicely along with my free caviar card holder. I truly love this color combo and can't wait to pair it with all sorts of cool and warm tones. This bag is so soft I prefer it to my cat. There was no fufu smell when I received it! - frau mone